Hi and welcome to my little build-up site.  This site will get updated as modifications get done to the car over time and any experiences at the drag track.  Hopefully some people may find this interesting as they look for ways to better their LS1 powered Commodores.




Latest news:


30th September


Well, I managed to get to the drags on the 8th of this month.  Suppose I was a little slack for getting the news updated.


To be expected, the drags wasn't all that flash.  Still running the "run in" tune and only 7psi I wasn't expecting top of the line times plus at the same time, trying to get the feel of launching a turbo charged V8 from the starting line.  It was hard, I tell ya - talk about no traction all the way through 3rd gear.  I was told by some mates watching from the side all you could see was the cars rear end squirreling around down the track.  They also mentioned that half track the car really started to take off, so I'm assuming that's around the 4th gear where I started to get traction.  Before all the mods, I was crossing the line at the end, close to redline in 3rd - now it's just going over the rev limit (set 6k) in 4th.  Can't wait for the final tune!  Got some vids though (make sure you have the latest XVID codec):


Reaction: .238

60': 2.201

330': 5.997

660': 8.957

ET: 13.502

MPH: 111.83

Me vs BA F6 Typhoon

Reaction: .601

60': 2.339

330': 61.70

660': 9.153

ET: 13.695

MPH: 112.01

Me vs Ford XR8


Going off those times, it should be a 12 second car as it sits right now, but again, traction problems.  I'm looking to get a set of Mickey Thompson street slicks - nice soft rubber for the next drag day I go to.  The video section has a whole bunch of vids that I got a mate to tape from that night - total of about 30 minutes of footage.  Well worth watching some of them.  The Exeedy clutch held up nicely to date - going to be interesting how it goes when the final tune is put through.


Talking about the final tune....end of next month, the car will be going back to PowerTorque for it's final tune...plus a new fuel system to keep the fuel pressure up in the rails.  The current high flow pump is keeping up with the 7psi, but when I turn it up to 15psi, it's gonna die off.  Also, the Apexi AVCR will be installed as well - can't wait to have a play around with that.


Now, when the turbo kit was installed, a small portion of the bumper had to be cut away to allow for the intercooler piping.  When they originally designed this kit, I believe they did it on a Clubsport car, which has a different front bar.  So, the section that was interfering had to be cut away...and it just happened to be the damn fog light.  Kind of annoyed me, cause after spending a lot of money getting all the authentic parts, the front bar had to be cut AND because the IC piping is now in the way of putting the light back in, the car kinda looked weird.  So....out comes the dremel  :D


In case you're wondering what a dremel is - check this.  They come in electric or air powered form...pretty cool tools.  Anyway, I had to cut a scallop out of the plastic surround of my sealed fog light (not sealed anymore) then over the course of an hour, taking it out, putting it back in, making sure I didn't cut too much off.  In the end - it looks like a normal car again!