27th August


I now have the engine rebuilt with a PILE of goodies internally PLUS - a GenT turbo kit.  :D



So, here's the new mod list of the engine...it's a fairly decent one:

Everything was Acid Washed, honed and ground.  All parts were balanced and blueprinted.  And finally....a Blue Mod plate authorised by a QLD Transport Engineer - keepin it legal  :D



So - check out some other pics


And some new videos!

4th June

Well, the new gear has been installed and I'm more than pleased with the improvements.  I haven't yet been able to run it at the track, however it defiantly feels like a very low 13sec car.  Many people say the Ripshifter is the way to go, but I chose the B&M shifter after testing the two.  Suppose, it's mainly personal choice.


Exceedy clutches are pretty damn good for the cost.  Again, many people say "go the Textralia" but again, personal choice.  The clutch feels very "bighty" and responsive.  I also had installed a heavy duty master slave cylinder and a few other modifications to the clutch lines so they could flow better.  The clutch pedal is heavier underfoot, but the difference is marginal.  I have no problems at all that this setup will suit my future developments.


The airbag assistance in the suspension is excellent.  Makes the car feel firmer on the road and also prevents the arse end from bogging down at full launches.  Overall they are a great purchase for only $400 to make that much of a difference.  Before you start thinking - they make the car go up and down, what rice blah blah - they don't.  I still retain the full rear suspension and it's travel.  These bags just assist - it's like having an adjustable shock absorber.  I put more air in if I'm travelling with people or luggage in the back, and I let air out for dragging at the track.


These are some chunks of what is believed to be part of the slave cylinder that came out of the clutch assembly.  Nasty!

25th Feb


The trip to the Palmyra Dragway was an expensive one.  I knew I was having some issues with my clutch and the fact that I'd have to repair it sooner or later was always in the back of my mind.  After watching a few cars go down the strip, I decided to have a go.  That's what it's all about folks - you don't need a v8, a turbo or anything flash to have a race - you just gotta have some fun.  Anywho, after getting through the staging lanes, I spin up the tyres to get the crap off them and roll past the xmas trees.  This is where is started to go wrong...


I was able to grab reverse to get back to the starting line, however when I pulled my foot off the clutch to start rolling backwards, the car started to go forwards!  At the time I was thinking "that's odd", meanwhile you've got a couple of hundred people staring at you - anxiety moment ensued!  Anyway, I shut the car off, turned it back on and reverse worked...how weird is that?  At this point, I was worried - would I even get off the line, would I even be able to drive the 2 hours home that night?


So, staged up, the lights dropped....


WAM!  I could feel the rubber clawing for grip, there was definitely a little slipping going on back there.  2nd gear, a small chirp but it all felt fine, 3rd gear was a little reluctant to go in, but after forcing it, no problems.  At this point, the car I was racing against (Turbo'd Supra) went past me...damn turbos.  And about 30 meters from the line, I had to change into 4th.  It wasn't my best run ever, only a 14.364 @ 99.08mph.  You can see the run here: Right Click and Save As.


I drive back to the pit area, hearing the grinding coming out of the gearbox.  Well, turns out I almost shagged my throw bearing or as some call it, clutch bearing or throwout bearing.  It still got me home, and only seems to play up when the car is hot, so driving around town isn't a big problem.  With future mods in mind, I've got the car booked in for the following bits:

That should solve any future problems.  While the car is in getting those parts fitted, I might as well get these too:

So, that's all happening in the next 2 weeks.  Easy way to spend $4k eh?